State mechanism of financial support and stimulation of energy efficient modernization of Ukrainian enterprises
Sergiy Savchuk
Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine
Industry is one of the most energy intensive sectors of the economy. Currently, it accounts for almost 33% of final energy consumption. At the same time, this sector has a large potential for energy saving. According to the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan - 2020, the use of energy in this area in Ukraine should be reduced by 3.2%, which is 25% of the total expected reduction of energy consumption.
We are open for cooperation
On this page State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine informs community, business, public authorities and local government about the steps to implement the latest financial support mechanism and stimulate energy efficient modernization of enterprises.

The purpose of the mechanism – to improve the competitiveness of Ukraine's economy by reducing the share of fuel and energy resources in production costs.

In order to achieve the goal and qualitative work of the mechanism, we invite enterprises and banking institutions to engage in dialogue within the framework of its development.
Energy-efficient measures for which state support is planned:
  • replacement of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and alternative fuels;
  • installing energy-efficient manufacturing equipment;
  • introduction of energy management system;
  • introduction of highly effective engineering systems, metering systems and resource management;
  • thermal sanitation of buildings, bringing them to the minimum requirements of the class of energy efficiency.
Who will be able to use state support?
Terms of participation of enterprises:
Break-even activity
Availability of a system of energy management (ISO 50001) or environmental management (ISO 14000)
An algorithm for obtaining state financial assistance by enterprises
Energy management system
Implementation of energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 (if not available)
Energy-efficient measures
Determination of the list of energy-efficiency measures for implementation
Getting a bank credit
Drawing up a credit application, forming a package of documents and submitting to a banking institution, obtaining credit funds
Implementation of energy-efficient measures
Ensuring reduction of fuel and energy consumption, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining or increasing the volume of produced products.
Notification of achieved results
Reporting to a banking institution
Verification of results
Verification of the real level of energy efficiency improvement
Compensation of part of a credit for energy efficiency measures
Depending on the type of activities, type and size of the company - up to 40% of the credit body
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